Saturday, 25 December 2010

Music Video: Lethal Bizzle - Pow 2011 (Official Video)

Best Grime video ever - a big well done to Carly Cussen for directing this one. The concept is disgusting!!!

Music Video: Chipmunk Feat. Chris Brown - Champion

I have to admit - when I first heard this track - I didn't really 'connect' with the song immediately, I thought Chris Brown went 'hard' but then Chippy's part was a bit monotone. You know what doe - this is actually one of my tracks of the year - and I am so happy and so proud of this collaboration. Chipmunk actually goes in on this track, I think it was just one of those things with me, whereby first time you hear it, you go by sound alone but once you hear it again, you actually start to analyse the elements of the track e.g. full production and lyrics and then the appreciation nicely settles in place. Chipmunk and Chris Brown really compliment each other on this track. I wont be suprised if Chippy's Stateside fanbase goes through the roof from this project.

The video is absolutely amazing - I loved 'Deuces' and this definitely has the same feel and vibe, which is obviously that Colin Tilley touch.

That's enough waffling, it is Christmas after all... so if you have not seen this yet, enjoy this amazing musical masterpiece (in my opinion anyway), let me know your thoughts and Merry Christmas.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Music Video: Jamie Woon - Night Air

Another hot artist from the 'Sound of 2011' top 15 - Jamie Woon. I remember the first time I heard this track 'Night Air' - caught my attention straight away... absolutely love it!

Electric Proms 2009: Daley - More than a Woman

Was just checking out the 'Sound of 2011' list and I had to share this...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Big Changes to the BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ/Host line up

I am in complete shock, over the BBC Radio 1Xtra changes, which have just been disclosed by the BBC Press Room. Have a read... Big up to Twin B all day long though!

BBC Radio 1Xtra announces today that Twin B is to serve up a tasty new weekday breakfast show (7-10am) as part of a major revamp of the station's schedule.

Twin B moves to Breakfast after a successful stint on the weekend morning slot and he'll bring his cheeky energetic style to the slot, aiming to get young people up and ready for school.

Current breakfast show hosts Trevor Nelson and Gemma Cairney get a well deserved lie-in as they now go solo, with Trevor moving to the 10am-1pm weekday show featuring the 1Xtra Live Lounge and big name interviews and Gemma taking on weekday afternoons from 1-4pm. Westwood stays in the 4-7pm slot.

Twin B says: "I'm super excited about the prospect of waking up the nation on a weekday. I love 1Xtra! There's no other institution around with more passion for the music it plays. It's an honour to be asked to present such a massive show. Trevor and Gemma have left some huge shoes to fill... and I'm only a size 9! I can't wait!"

Trevor Nelson says: "I've enjoyed my time on the Breakfast Show – Gem and I have had a unique dynamic, but I am ready for a lie-in and eight hours sleep a night! With my new show I will be broadening the style of music I play as well as introducing a live music element and doing more in-depth interviews."

Gemma Cairney adds: "Getting up at 5am day after day, gaining a life-long friend in Trevor, a silver Sony for our efforts and learning what's really involved in the craft that is radio over the past two years has been immense. I love 1Xtra and I'm ready to go solo, so bring it on and expect havoc!"

Ben Cooper, Deputy Controller, BBC Radio 1Xtra, says: "We're making these changes from a position of strength after we secured record listening figures in the last quarter. We want to continue to refresh our offer in order to grow the station and increase the number of young listeners we're bringing into the BBC via a digital platform and we believe these changes will do just that."

As a result of these changes, rising star Nick Bright moves to weekend breakfast (7-10am) from early weekday breakfast; Charlie Sloth is set to front Saturdays (10am-1pm); CJ Beatz Sundays (10am–1pm) and Sarah-Jane Crawford shifts to weekend afternoons (1–4pm) from weekend breakfast.

In addition, from 1-3am every Saturday night/Sunday morning a new show is being introduced. The Specialists will allow a rotation of the DJs who host the 10pm weekday genre shows to be showcased across Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra, with every six weeks a guest DJ from an up-and-coming genre being featured too. A further new two-hour The Mix Specialists show from 3-5am on Saturday night/Sunday morning will also allow a rotation of all the weekday 1am mix show DJs.

The introduction of the new schedule means that Rampage (Mike Anthony and Treble T); Max and Ras Kwame will leave the station. Seani B will no longer host a regular weekly show but will continue to work with 1Xtra in the future.

Ben Cooper, says: "They have all made significant contributions to Radio 1Xtra and I thank them for that. I wish them all well for the future."

The new schedule begins on Saturday 8 January 2011.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

G-Shock East Sessions (October 2010)

Check out some footage from last months G-Shock East Sessions, which took place in store down at Brick Lane - performances from Fumin, Shadez The Misfit, DaddysGirls, Doom Man, Sway, Bushkin and more...

G-Shock EAST Sessions from ConicVision on Vimeo.

Music Video: Rihanna - What's My Name? (ft Drake)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Music Video: Jessie J - Do It Like a Dude

Music Video: Wretch 32 feat. L - Traktor Official Video

You gotta love a bit of Mr Wretch 32 - best UK lyricist in my eyes by a long mile!

Along with Jamaican artist Gyptian, Wretch 32 is another initial signing to the all new Ministry of Sound partnership with Levels Recordings. His first official single 'Traktor' set for release on 16th January 2011 - is definitely a banging track. To check out more from Wretch 32 click HERE to visit his official website.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Scorcher feat. Wiley - Terms of Agreement

New one from the newly Geffen Universal signed artist, Scorcher featuring Wiley... 'Terms of Agreement'. I'm really feeling this one, straight club banger... whats your thoughts ?

Friday, 29 October 2010

DaddysGirls - Life Begins with Lyrics (Mixtape)

Three sexy girls rapping... what more could you ask for? Talented trio 'DaddysGirls' are breaking through the UK music scene with a unique British style. Their sound is influenced by different genre's such as Old Skool Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Jungle and Dubstep. With meaningful storytelling tracks and quality lyrics, these girls are definitely a good look for the UK right now.

Check out the girls first mixtape 'Life Begins with Lyrics' with features from Dionne Reid, Waynee B and Xei. Music produced by Beatnation, Kajmir Royale, Natty B, Nutty P and STINKAHBELL.

For more info, click HERE to visit their website and follow the girls journey on Twitter @daddys_girls :)

Caramel - Long Ride (KG & Marston)

KG and Marston are up to their madness again. Absolutely loving this... I give you Caramel Faison and Dajuan, the UK's finest RnB duo with their new single 'Long Ride' haha ENJOY!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Music Video: Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

I absolutely love this video - Willow Smith is an amazing and talented young girl. The swag she brings out in this video is incredible!

Not getting all the nonsense with people hyping, and speculating that this video is too mature for a 9 year old, erm...which part exactly? The part where she's jumping up and down having fun, or the part where she is whipping her hair all over the place? The track and video has young, fun and playful all over it. I don't see anything wrong with the fact that she's singing about 'whipping' off the haters, I think its a good, exciting positive song - something that is completely necessary in today's society. Willow Smith although a young child, she is naturally mature and I think this is what people seem to be confusing here.

Whats your thoughts ?

Chockz The Rapper - Mis Me Refix (2010)

Just a piece of UK niceness for your eyes and ears...

Shadrack and The Mandem - Guns and Pork

This is kinda dated now but you know what, I think the beat on this spoof is so hard! The tracks actually a banger haha. Anyways enjoy, I'm sure there is one or two of you that have not yet been blessed with this one haha... bring back Shadrack and The Mandem!!!

Yeo Valley! Yeo Valley!!

I love this advert so much man, had to share this on the blog haha

VA-G release NEW Winter AW10 Collection

In this day and age, most people think that they can stick a logo on a t-shirt and they have a clothing brand...errrgghhhh NO!! It don't really work like that... but that's why I'm such a big fan of VA-G (Visual Artistic Garments) even the name alone grabs my attention, and their designs are stylish, trendy but not predictable. VA-G is definitely a brand that sticks out above the rest and the success achieved throughout this year has been well deserved.

So the boys down at VA-G 'HQ' have been very busy, as they have just released their Winter AW10 collection. The collection includes six new well designed t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies with an assortment of colours to suit each and every individual. With distinctive prints on both the front of the garment and sleeve, the inspiration came from a crossover of the ancient military and modern times lived in today's society.

VA-Fly Kick (Navy)

This stylishly quirky and unorthodox jumper, features the new flying sneaker logo as part of the VA A/W 2010 range, This 100% cotton navy jumper with yellow and white logo also features the Visual Artistic Garments logo on the back and VA logo sleeve of the jumper.

VA-King of King Hooded Jumper (Pink)

This exciting new regal item from the VA Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection, features the new VA crown logo and is available in an assortment of colours to suit your taste. This item is a mid-weight, cotton pink hooded jumper, with gold screen print crown and VA White logo. The VA logo also features on the front and sleeve of the jumper.

VA-Wayfarer Hooded Jumper (Grey)

This uniquely cool Grey jumper, features the newly updated VA Wayfarer logo from S/S '10 collection. This mid-weight grey jumper, features the logo in black and Yellow and also features the VA logo on the back and sleeve of the jumper.

VA-Kings of King Sweater (Burgundy)
This exciting new regal item from the VA Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection, features the new VA crown logo and is available in an assortment of colours to suit your taste. This item is a mid-weight cotton burgundy jumper, with gold screen print crown and VA White logo. The VA Logo also features on the back and sleeve of the jumper. (Also will be available in Grey:Black Print, Navy: White Print)

VA-Cadet T.Shirt (D.Green)
This stylish military t-shirt, is part of the Autumn/Winter 2010 VA Collection and features vintage gold anchor buttons. This is a light-weight cotton t-shirt, with gold buttons and green screen print design. The white VA logo features at the back of the t-shirt.

VA-Cadet Sweater (Black)

This stylish military jumper, is part of the Autumn/Winter 2010 VA Collection and features vintage gold anchor buttons. This is a mid-weight cotton jumper, with gold buttons and black screen print design. The white VA logo features at the back and sleeve of the jumper. (Also will be available in Grey:White Print, Navy:Grey Print, Black:White Print)

All the above, plus lots more is available to purchase from the VA-G store website, click HERE or vist and

Monday, 18 October 2010

Jessie J - Do It Like a Dude // Acoustic Version

All there is to say is... WOW!!!

I absolutely love this girl - she never fails to surprise me with her talent. Every new video she puts out easily overrides the last, Jessie seriously has no limits. Watch and be AMAZED!!!

Music Video: Kano - Spaceship

New one from Kano... 'Spaceship' is the new single taken from the album 'Method To The Maadness' which is available to buy NOW!

Official single release for 'Spaceship' is scheduled for 15th November 2010.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Music Video: Diana Vickers - 'My Wicked Heart'

After seeing Diana's performance on Xfactor a few moments ago, I thought lets check out the official music video... Enjoy :)

Music Video: Baby Blue - Double Up feat. Sean Star

New track from Baby Blue, produced by Nutty P... what can I say? Anything Nutty produces is a straight BANGER!!!

Definitely liking this one and Miss Blue is looking very sex-ay!! Styling is definitely on point... thoughts people?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Music Video: Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)

I love dance music, so this Rihanna track was an instant like for me... but I feel the video slightly lets the song down. It takes away the whole 'I wanna get up and dance' feeling that the track originally gave me, without the visual. I imagined a fast paced, electric lights kinda video - but perhaps that's what was expected so they created the total opposite. I mean I get the whole - she's the only girl in the world emphasis but... hmmmm. This video kinda reminds me of the Wizard of Oz for some reason... I think its all the red and yellow poppies - but does that even recollect back to the movie lol lol

Friday, 15 October 2010

Sunday Girl - TiK ToK (Ke$ha cover)

I saw the name flying about, but I can honestly say I didn't really pay any attention until just now, when I came across this Ke$ha cover by Sunday Girl.

Face of River Island Jade Williams is Sunday Girl... signed to Geffen Universal and labeled as one of the ones to watch this year, the 21 year old apparently had a phobia of singing in front of others as a child and had to visit a hypnotist to cure her fear... hmmmm interesting.

The Ska and Synth Pop singer has a pretty unique voice, which I fell in love with when listening to the cover below... check it out, tell me your thoughts and leave comments - I really like her :)

To hear more from Sunday Girl, click HERE - her next single 'Stop Hey' is scheduled for release in January 2011.

All day every day 'dunkin' ARD!

Spent some time checking out the Nike Jordan site and I have to say the collection they have is seriously gwarning!! They had over 400 pairs of Jordan's on the site - I reckon I only went through the first 200 and look at what I discovered... I LOVE SNEAKERS !!!

To check out more click HERE

Music Video: Rick Ross - I'm Not A Star

Banksy enters the world of Simpsons

How many times did you see BANKSY ?

Music Video: Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music

I absolutely love this track - features Drake and Chrisette Michele. One of my favourites on the 'TEFLON DON' album ENJOY :)

Gotta love a bit of BANKSY!!

Loving these arts from Banksy, to see more click HERE or simply visit:

Saturday, 2 October 2010

SB.TV A64 [Acoustic 64] - Jessie J - "Price Tag"


I've been a fan of Jessie J for a lil while now - and every time she puts a new vocal out on Youtube, I'm completely blown away - each time so much further than the last. I actually don't think I know of any other talented singer who tops this chick - she is simply in her own league. Like everyone says - talk is cheap, so indulge yourself into this acoustic clip and hear for yourself what I'm tryna say...

Music Video: Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza (Official Video)

Diddy shows off his legs in a skirt!!

OK so not a skirt as such but a Kilt! Diddy goes all out, showing the UK he knows about Scottish culture, as he hits the MTV Crash Glasgow stage along side his new group Dirty Money.

Gwarn Diddy, pushing that pure Scottish stylie, nice legs haha!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Christian Louboutin Wish List

Pop 100 pumps

Romaine 140 platform sandals

Volnay 140 python sandals

Unique 140 leather boots

Girls Black Military Boots - River Island

LOVE THIS? I sure do... and for £39.99 from River Island - these Boots aint a bad catch at all!! BUT unfortunately ladies, yes there is a but... these boots don't seem to be real leather and for £40 squid, now i think about it that seems pretty right - noooooooo!!

I really detest plastic footwear lol lol

Music Video: RD - Do It Like Me (Official Video)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Anuvahood Official Wrap Party!

Molton House Presents:

The Official Wrap Party of...


Hosted by Vantage PR, Adam Deacon, Terry Stone, Jaime Winston and many more....

This movie is about...James, who realizes he's just another wannabe bad boy...even less than a loser in fact. After quitting his job at Laimsbury's, James vows to become a respected gangster... or cry trying. A pulls-no-punches, coming-of-age story, centering on one direc...tionless wannabe bad boy, who finds his true worth in the face of urban adversity.

Featuring the talents of Adam Deacon, Jaime Winstone, Perry Benson, Terry Stone, Ollie Barbieri, Alex MacQueen, Ashley Walters, Sacha Chang, Doon Mackichan, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Wil Johnson, Cornell John, Jason Maza, Linda Robso, Jocelyn Jee Esien, Bhasker Patel, Ricky Grover, Femi Oyeniran, Richard Blackwood, Richie Campbell, Mark Cooper Harris, Leon Black, Carmell Roche, Kesha Eddie Kadi, Kevin Wenman, Michael Vu, Portia Freno, Tiny Iron, Jazzie Zonzolo.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

DaddysGirls Live - The Love Song freestyle

All female rap/hip hop trio 'DaddysGirls' doing ther ting! Download their mixtape 'Life Begins with Lyrics' here

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars (LIVE ACOUSTIC)

I just so had to blog this! Absolutely love this track and Bruno Mars is simply one of the most talented guys around right now!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Music Video: Plan B - Prayin' (Extended Version)

So the first time I heard this song was when Plan B amazingly performed this for C4's Evo Music Rooms final show. I have to say, it was EPIC and the very reason why I want to see him perform live more and more! Three backing singers and a full 10 piece band (ok slight exaggeration but close enough) it was GREAT.

Now the video... fantastic! Loving Plan B for his story telling video's but this is simply amazing. The choreography styled nicely into the acting is a great touch, and the Crunk dancing at the end of the video is crazy, but it works so well.

Loving the track, loving the video and most importantly... Im loving PLAN B.

Music Video: Tinchy Stryder - Gangsta

Absolutely loving this new one from the Stryder Man. The grimey piece with Tinie Tempah at the end is amazing... Im guessing that part, is a completely different song right? Either way Tinchy gets my thumbs up with this one. It seems as though the major signed artists are breaking out to do their own thing these days... first Chippy with Superstar, now this... is it even allowed lol.

Music Video: Sway feat Donaeo - Pop a Bottle

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Donatella Meets FABOLOUS!

The lovely Donatella catches up with FABOLOUS, backstage at his exclusive London concert at the IndigO2...

For more exclusive interviews from Donatella, please subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Music Video: Skepta - Rescue Me

Music Video: Professor Green ft Lilly Allen - Just Be Good to Green

Jessie J 'Whose Laughing Now' Rehearsal

Black Beauty... But Not So Beautiful in Fashion?

"The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice", although the Fashion industry certainly does not have this way of thinking. I came across this great documentary on Sarah Young's blog and I definitely had to share this with all my followers. The documentary highlights that only 6% of Cat Walk models are Black, 6% are Asian, 1% are Latino and 87% are White. Plan and simple this is racism and the shocking thing is, the Fashion Industry gets away with it. Its about time we question... WHY?

Would love to get a debate started on this one, please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Music Video: Dirty Money - Hello Good Morning ft Rick Ross & T.I.

This video is simply too much... I wonder how many times they had to do the fireworks scene at the end - Im thinking ONCE lol twice max hehe

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shadez The Misfit Meets Twin B (Evo Music Rooms)

Shadez The Misfit catches up with Radio 1Xtra's Twin B

Shadez The Misfit Meets Jazzie B (Evo Music Rooms)

Shadez The Misfit meets the man behind Soul II Soul Jazzie B on Evo Music Rooms

Shadez The Misfit Profile (Evo Music Rooms)

Get to know Shadez The Misfit as we follow his journey on C4's Evo Music Rooms

Monday, 10 May 2010

DaddysGirls - Recording The Mixtape

The gorgeous trio 'DaddysGirls' take us on a journey, whilst they share the making of their forthcoming mixtape 'Life Begins with Lyrics'...

To hear more from these ladies, check out their tracks on soundcloud:

Latest tracks by DaddysGirls
Click here to follow the girls on Twitter x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Melanie Fiona - 'It Kills Me' Funky House Remix by Footsteps

Melanie Fiona literally 'Kills' this track, the passion in her vocals is so intense, its simply an amazing track... but with every good track there is an even better remix! Funky House producer Footsteps, has amazingly adapted this song into a crazy dance classic, with a drum beat and melody that simply makes you wanna get up onto your feet and dance the night away. Check out the video for the original and when your ready to be blown away, click play on the soundcloud player below:

Melanie Fiona Kills me (funky remix) by FootSteps by footsteps

Music Video: Melanie Fiona - Ay Yo

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Music Video: Keep Moving ( Theme Song) - Adam Deacon & Bashy ft Paloma Faith

This is the official lead single from Noel Clarke's movie soundtrack, available from Monday 31st May 2010. Everyone seems to be going for this 50's feel in their videos hmmm! The vocals from Paloma Faith, definitely gives the track that finishing touch - absolutely love it!

The soundtrack also features tracks from Ashley Walters, Bodyrox, Davinche, Lissie, Speech Debelle ft. Wiley and more... very much looking forward to hearing the rest of that! is a sexy gripping thriller, following three days in the lives of four very different girls. The four intricately woven stories are about four best friends, who become involved in a major diamond heist. The film will be premiered on Wednesday 2nd June 2010.

For more info click HERE to visit the movie official website

Music Video: Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me

Wow all I can say is that I think Beyonce has been spending waayyyy too much time with Lady GaGa lol. Loving the old skool 50's feel to this video. The track was written by Beyonce's younger sister Solange and is a bonus track being added to the deluxe edition of the 'I am... Sasha Fierce' album... NICE :)

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

Music Video: Princess Nyah ft Griminal and Ghetts - Hooligans

Music Video: JME & Tempz - CD is Dead

Music Video: Esmee Denters - Love Dealer ft Justin Timberlake

I have to say, I'm really feeling this Esmee Denters chick! I loved her vocals in Chipmunk's most recent single 'Until You Were Gone' but this track has seriously just put her on the top of my list! Its safe to say that any track JT touches, simply turns to gold and he really hit the jackpot when finding this talented young lady. Check out the video:

The Stow - Just Another Band

The Stow... Just another band? Hmmmm, I think NOT! Although the title of their debut EP - The Stow are definitely NOT 'Just Another Band'.
So I first came across these guys at Urban Development's Industry Takeover '10 to Watch for 2010' session in February. Along with the likes of brilliant acts such as Cherri V, Clement Marfo & The Frontline, Maverick Sabre and Mikell Pane - these guys seriously had me rocking with pure joy and excitement. The energy and passion they carried through their performance, was so rejuvenating as their sound was completely new to me.

The band collaborate a number of genres into their sound, this in particular is why I think they are so unique. A three piece band with a rapper and a soul singer - what more could you ask for? The set up is genius! Its hard to believe they have only been together for just over a year, as they have seriously mastered the delivery of their music.

The EP 'Just Another Band' is a great collection of tracks. Cheeky East Londoner hip hop and soulful lyrics, mixed pretty nicely with an indie pop arrangement, very nice indeed. Loving the songs about killing a man, another about the fact you don't know me but I know I wanna... well, I'm sure your catching my drift. Here is the track listing:

  1. Round and Round
  2. Mamma
  3. Doubt Remains
  4. Butterfly
  5. None of the Above
  6. Thank Music
  7. You Don't Know Me

Listen and download the entire EP for free HERE

To see The Stow perform live, check out their upcoming shows on MySpace - I'm looking forward to catching them at YoYo's on Thursday 20th May and ILUVLIVE on 21st June :)

Exclusive interview with The Stow coming soon!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Clement Marfo Goes In: TMS Freestyle

If you dont know about Clement Marfo and The Frontline, then where on earth have you been? This guy and his band are seriously too much. I' m loving the way Clement and drummer Dion Payne are nicely keeping it real on this TMS freestyle, ggeeezzz i've reloaded it five times already lol lol:

To here more from Clement Marfo and the Frontline, check out their;

Myspace, Soundcloud and Youtube

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sway - How Low Freestlyle

I just had to bless my blog with this - Sway doing his thing oh so nicely !!

If you aint heard Sway's 'The Delivery' Mix Tape yet, get to listening! What you waiting for? Check out the mixtape trailer:

Download 'The Delivery' mixtape here

Goldielocks - Maple Flavoured Paper

I really like this chick, she keeps it real and does what she likes. Goldielocks aka 'Goldie' is usually known as that 'kool blonde chick' from South London, but she's definitely more than just that. An all round creative musician really - singer/rapper and producer - basically she gets it in!!

So I came across a tune on her Soundcloud account and I absolutely love it! Its entitled 'Maple Flavoured Paper', not sure if that's the real title of the track, I cant seem to figure out any real connection. Perhaps I'm not listening properly ??

Any way, take a listen and see what you think:

Maple Flavoured Paper by Goldielocksmusic

Click here to purchase her EP I'm Not Her

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Music Video: Willie Taylor - Sex Conversation

Willie Taylor of Day 26 premieres the video for his new single 'Sex Conversation' from his upcoming mixtape 'Sex Tape' which will be released in the US on Valentines Day.

What do you guys think of this track ?

Is Akon trying to prove a point ?

Started watching Keri Hilson's new video 'Change Me' and I was thinking hmmm this is a nice track THEN... Akon starting straining out his voice on the bridge - I am baffled? Is he trying to prove how powerful his voice is, because it really aint! Dont get me wrong, Akon is 'OK' but come on mate - this aint working!

Tracks not bad though, check it out:

Music Video: Timberland feat Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again

Monday, 8 February 2010

Are Livvi Franc and Ciara twins?

OK here's the deal... which one is which?

I just came across Livvi Franc's new video 'Automatik' which I must say is a good catchy track, but my gosh - she really resembles Ciara, who agrees? They practically look and sound like the same person hmmmm. The question is, will this similar look work in newcomer Livvi Franc's favour ? No doubt she looks amazing, but some may label her as a copycat.

Check out the official video for her new single 'Automatik' (yes it's spelt with a K) available to download from iTunes on 7th March 2010. She bagged a position in the top 40 UK charts with her debut single 'Now I'm That Chick' lets see if she can do it again with this one :)