Saturday, 13 February 2010

Music Video: Willie Taylor - Sex Conversation

Willie Taylor of Day 26 premieres the video for his new single 'Sex Conversation' from his upcoming mixtape 'Sex Tape' which will be released in the US on Valentines Day.

What do you guys think of this track ?

Is Akon trying to prove a point ?

Started watching Keri Hilson's new video 'Change Me' and I was thinking hmmm this is a nice track THEN... Akon starting straining out his voice on the bridge - I am baffled? Is he trying to prove how powerful his voice is, because it really aint! Dont get me wrong, Akon is 'OK' but come on mate - this aint working!

Tracks not bad though, check it out:

Music Video: Timberland feat Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again

Monday, 8 February 2010

Are Livvi Franc and Ciara twins?

OK here's the deal... which one is which?

I just came across Livvi Franc's new video 'Automatik' which I must say is a good catchy track, but my gosh - she really resembles Ciara, who agrees? They practically look and sound like the same person hmmmm. The question is, will this similar look work in newcomer Livvi Franc's favour ? No doubt she looks amazing, but some may label her as a copycat.

Check out the official video for her new single 'Automatik' (yes it's spelt with a K) available to download from iTunes on 7th March 2010. She bagged a position in the top 40 UK charts with her debut single 'Now I'm That Chick' lets see if she can do it again with this one :)