Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sway - How Low Freestlyle

I just had to bless my blog with this - Sway doing his thing oh so nicely !!

If you aint heard Sway's 'The Delivery' Mix Tape yet, get to listening! What you waiting for? Check out the mixtape trailer:

Download 'The Delivery' mixtape here

Goldielocks - Maple Flavoured Paper

I really like this chick, she keeps it real and does what she likes. Goldielocks aka 'Goldie' is usually known as that 'kool blonde chick' from South London, but she's definitely more than just that. An all round creative musician really - singer/rapper and producer - basically she gets it in!!

So I came across a tune on her Soundcloud account and I absolutely love it! Its entitled 'Maple Flavoured Paper', not sure if that's the real title of the track, I cant seem to figure out any real connection. Perhaps I'm not listening properly ??

Any way, take a listen and see what you think:

Maple Flavoured Paper by Goldielocksmusic

Click here to purchase her EP I'm Not Her