Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Desire, by Chockz


Desire, you got me floating in your mist somewhere,
This fire, this fire.... that you've ignited has got me so involved in you,
And im lyinig, yeah im lying if I, say i can control myself,
For I require you, you inspire me, so I desre..... Desire!

Retire, from this game that I have played so long,
Conspire, with my feelings on how to make you mine,
I never dry up, nah I never dry up, cos you flood my land with candy rain,
And i dont need no ELLA ELLA ELLA, all I requre, is you......

You see, behind every strong man is a strong woman,
and they also say victory comes to the man who's desire is the strongest,
So i gotta have her, she has to want me, only way I can succeed,
She said, I gotta want her, shes gotta have me, and in this we really believe....

You feel me?
Do you really understand?
nah, I dont think you do.....

so ima have to go Chockz on ya!
Ay forget poetic, im going straight hood,
desire's too peng for these mugs!
now i feel I have to compete and show her ma swaggerz crazy
desire needs a cute thug!

thats rough around the edges, fiery passion!
sure to set alight your benson and hegdes,
i will make it right for her,
cos she the nicest girl I ever met,
even makin me a better writer!

I like her, and I MITE HAVE TO PUT A RING ON IT!
but I aint ballin, SO I DOUBT THERE'D BE BLING ON IT!
but I desire desire greatly, and i aint no mug,
bcos you cant put a price on love...

Real success isnt bought,
if you want it work hard for it,
put some effort and enjoy what desire has brought
shes a fine lady, just show her your goal,
she'll help you out with NO TROUBLE AT ALL!


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