Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Black and Proud, by Chockz

Black and Proud

I had a dream like M.L. King,
I saw a change would come,
an amazing one!
Ralies of people cheering from the day till the lights went out,
All in the favour of a saviour,

Then I woke up turn my T.V. on to find the white house was bout to get some flavour!
The ingredients HOPE and CHANGE,
Now I dont know about you, but that sounds good to me,

See its good to see, a black man successful,
But this time its abit more special,
So ima stop being jestful, SERIOUSLY!
This goes to show,
That you aint gotta earn your living of road,
And get props because how many drugs you've sold,
I'd rather recieve credit from excelling in my talent!

So, heres a toast to those who rose above the adversity,
To be close to the goal they wanted most,
Lewis, Barack, thats just the start,
They paved the way like those who built the railroads with precision,
So for the praise and acalades, success and wealth for myself, im developing tunnel vision!

Humble....rarely, cos I am black and proud,
put some base in your lungs and say it loud,
And im lovin how these words sound......lovin how these words sound.
Right now, its a good time for us, with so many role models emerging, how can you not settle for greatness, anything lower is a insult, like I said Lewis Hamilton and Barack Obama are just the start;

we now have the first black Attorney General Eric Holder, this list will grow, we are too talented not to join a list of greats. Im talking to all my peoples, make something great of yourselves, or if thats too much, just make someone or yourself proud.

They call me Chockz

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