Monday, 22 June 2009

Music Review: Bashy, Donaeo & Skepta

Right people, here goes my first post on the music scene, lets just name it (she thinks) hmmmm, the 'Music Review' YES liking the sound of that...

I am advising you all to go to HMV and purchase these three (YES I said three) must have amazing albums NOW !!

No. 1) Bashy – Catch Me If You Can

This album is what I call versatile! A blend of different sounds and music genre’s - definitely not your typical rap/mc album and I would not at all class it under the genre of grime.

If you are into your deep meaningful lyrics, with a twist of hype and fun then this is an album for you.

15 tracks plus 2 additional bonus tracks, including new release ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’, ‘Kidulthood 2 Adulthood’, and the famous classic ‘Black Boys’.

Also featured on the album is the amazing track ‘Ransom’ which has been produced into a mini film sketch, check this out below:

No 2) Donaeo – Party Hard

All I can say is…if you like to ‘Party Hard’ then this is definitely an album for you. Classified in HMV under the genre of ‘Dance’ which I do have to say (now that I’ve actually pumped the album) I completely agree.

As always Donaeo has continued to share his raw talent with us, through the music he both writes and produces. He has compiled a unique album, which is a must have in your music collection. A mix between RnB, Funky House, and Broken Beatz this album consists of 13 tracks with favorites such as ‘Devil in a Blue Dress’, ‘I’, ‘Party Hard’ and yes oh yes … ‘African Warrior’ !!

Check out the official music video for Devil in a Blue Dress … enjoy:

No 3) Skepta – Microphone Champion

The MD of 'Boy Better Know'(BBK) has done it again … album no 2 and it is BIG !! If your into your UK Rap/Grime then believe you will love this.

I was actually surprised when I first listened to this album because it was actually better than I had expected, not that I expected badly (of course not) I just never really considered myself to me a big fan of grime, but wow, that nicely changed – meet the UK’s newest grime fan, ok well perhaps Skepta fan lol.

The album is fresh faced, meaningful, fun and hype which is a good combination to draw in the listeners.

Most of the tracks on the album are telling stories which most people can relate to. The race starts with a simple but straight to the point track named ‘Reflecting’ whereby Skepta just literally tells us how it is and what he’s about, basically laying down his movements and how he feels … best start to an album ever… no chorus, no corny melodies, just straight talking lyrics … well done Skeps !!

The album features collaborations with Giggs (Talking the Hardest), Jay Sean, Tinchy Stryder and the rest of the BBK family.

18 tracks on the album including ‘Rolex Sweep’, ‘Sunglasses At Night’ and the well known anthem ‘Too Many Men’ !!

Listen out for track no. 11 named 'Disguise' which is a sample of the famous Transformers cartoon soundtrack but instead of it being about robots its about transvestites lol lol lol … go buy the album NOW !!!

Yet another video for you … BBK - Too Many Men:

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